We provide the Expertise and Tools to make Change happen.

Cultural & Behavioral Assessments

Effective Behavioral Change programmes start with precise diagnosis. To help in that matter, we offer a variety of professional instruments to provide companies and individuals with objective feedback for leadership development, team building, improved relationships, more effective communication, and career development.

Here is a listing of the instruments we offer:

  • DISC® : For nearly 30 years, people and organizations have used DiSC® to learn more about themselves and the impact their behavior has on others.

  • Global Leadership 360 Assessment (GLA360®): Created by Marshall Goldsmith, GLA360 measures the skills and competencies that today’s global leaders need to master and shows emerging leaders the areas they need to develop in order to succeed as effective leaders in a globalizing and competitive business environment.

  • Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory (MLEI®): Ideal for use with current leaders and high-potential and emerging leaders, the MLEI will reveal both the inner-core strengths that need to be leveraged and the inner-core gaps and limiting factors that must be addressed by a leader to unleash their full-potential.

  • Lencioni 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team: an assessment-based learning experience that helps individuals and organizations reveal what it takes to build a truly cohesive and effective team in the most approachable, competent, and effective way possible.

  • Customised Cultural & Behavioral Assessment: Based on our psycho-sociological expertise and dedicated tools, we assess individual and collective contexts.

Bespoke Coaching Programmes


On average, 70% of a person's learning at work is internal and experience-based, 20% comes from mentoring & coaching and 10% is the result of formal training. Coaching makes the link between on-the-job experience and formal training. As a result it accelerates the learning process and the change.

We provide 4 different types of coaching programmes that are customized according to your needs and objectives.

 Executive Leadership coaching

We help executives focus on their business priorities while advancing their professional development goals. We use advanced methodologies to diagnose, identify, target and align key factors that enable executives to accelerate the achievement of their goals and priorities.

 executive public speaking coaching

This customized one on one programme helps develop and prepare you for an important presentation, or to evaluate and address public speaking issues that prevent you from effectively delivering your message.

team coaching

Team coaching focuses on bringing a team together to improve performance and business outcomes. Our team coaching programmes typically take place over three to twelve months. They enable teams to function at more than the sum of its parts, by clarifying its mission and improving its external and internal relationships.

Sales coaching

Sales coaching focuses on helping reps develop the skills, knowledge, and use of strategies that improve sales results. We work closely with Sales Managers to design and implement the more effective Sales Coaching programmes to empower junior and senior Sales Reps.

Training & Facilitation Workshops

Training Workshops

When changing require new set of skills or methodologies, we provide Instructor-Led and Web-based Training in the following fields :

  • Leadership & Management Skills

  • Change Management Skills

  • Project Management Skills

  • Sales & Negotiation Skills for Key Account Managers

  • Public Speaking & Storytelling Skills

For more detailed programmes and contents, please contact us to start a conversation.

Facilitation Workshops

Changing takes time and requires from people to redesign new ways of thinking, connecting and working. Facilitation workshops are designed to help you in this process. From small groups of people to very large groups (up to 100), we provide the methodologies and tools to design and deliver constructive, motivating and action-oriented plans. We act as facilitators to actively direct the dialogue and guide the co-workers through a process so they collectively make the decisions they need to make to advance the business.


Learning & Development Evaluation Tools

Training and Coaching is all about improving individual and group performances and in turn influencing the overall performance of your business. It is important to evaluate the effectiveness of the Learning & Development programmes and ensure that the original learning goals were achieved. However, this process can be time-consuming, expensive and cumbersome. We help you to identify the right KPIs and get valuable feedback to measure the learning progress.